Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pictures....still figuring this out.

I could not get all the pictures in one post. I couldn't leave out the dragon bottom. Too cute.
I also needed to add our Christmas pageant. We are a secure family. As our church is currently lacking young men to play the roles in our program, Ella was a wise man and Harper was Jesus. It was a lovely performance. At one point Harper caught my eye and pointed at me and and waved super big. I was so proud. To my surprise, she is a rather adept winker as well. She used the performance for practice. Ella stated her lines loud and proud.
Enjoy the pictures. It will probably be another six months before any new ones surface. (hopefully not). One last thing. You'll notice a table of people sitting around my dining room table. These are people who are closer to us than family. They have adopted us and taken seriously their covenant vows to helping us raise our children. We are rich because of those who sit round our table and spend hours praying for our children and loving them in meaningful ways. They are at every major event in the lives of my children. For their love and friendship, we are immensely wealthy.

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see your pictures!! So cute!! I love the picture of your kitchen table!! It warms my heart!!
I miss you!!

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