Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tire Swings and Kind Neighbors

True joy comes from many places. Certainly the creator of joy is far more creative than I ever could be in creating a beautiful place of rest and joy for my children.

I, on the other hand, had very little imagination for what our new life would be like. I seem to see all that is missing, all that I miss, but my kids see each day for the possibility that exists in it.

If we have been gone to school, to family, to the grocery, the absolute bliss my children experience getting out of the car and running to the backyard is fantastic. Two simple swings, a friendly neighbor, and a grassy field, has delighted my children for hours.

This morning, with sleepy eyes, my son went to the back sliding glass door to see if his new friend Miss Pat was on her porch yet. He almost tore through the door open when he saw her. I insisted he dress. I never saw him get dressed so quickly.

There is always grace provided. My kids help me to better see it everyday. Thank you Jesus for tire swings and kind neighbors. Thank you for dirty feet and worms. Thank you for friends that stop by and for friends who live next door. Thank you for the friendship I see shared among my children. Thank you for the lone tree in my back yard that is as generous as The Giving Tree Shel wrote so tenderly about. You knew we needed that apple tree to create a safe place of joy for my children.

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