Sunday, April 10, 2011

Put a leash on that DOG!!!

Maybe I'm a jerk, but first of all I'm a mama. I have little tots that are somewhat timid around dogs. So when on a hike in a public place with your dog, please put it on a leash. Sure, maybe I have a wrong opinion of pit bulls, but mostly I have a strong opinion about the safety of my children.

And, I know you know how dogs can sense fear. So, though you are not afraid, my children are. Let's all enjoy God's wonderful creation with a leash. Seriously, even your tame little poode or kindly old lab... Put them on a leash!

And when after hours of hiking, I know how much you NEED to have a smoke. Again, I'm a jerk, but I came out for the fresh air, not your second hand smoke. Hike off the trail and do what you must, I understand the cigarette companies have spent a fair bit of money to get you addicted.

Alas, dogs and smoke could not deter my wonderful day with my children! Take a child in the woods and watch their curiousity grow. It's amazing the imagination that will bloom in a couple of hours in the woods. Hiking in the presence of puddles....even better!

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