Sunday, April 10, 2011

Church Giggles

I have two things to report... I have a favorite new chore and I had a most favorite moment in church.

First, my favorite new chore is cleaning my tub. Seriously, after every bath time with the kids, my tub has the most unreal dirt ring around it. It is a sure sign of my kids enjoying themselves. The dirt they find displays the joy created in their new surroundings.

Secondly, yesterday we visited yet another church. It was a Saturday evening service. The music was loud and the songs were new. While watching my daughter sing her heart out I noticed a line in the song... It went something like this, "when God came to earth it was like a sloppy kiss." I looked at Ella, and we had a great big loud laugh. The music was so loud, we didn't interupt anyone in their worship. The freedom I felt in the loud music to laugh with my daughter was freedom itself. Joy expressed in worship was much needed. My heart felt so light.

Then after the evening of laughter, friends, good food, loud worship, my husband turned the car around and drove to see if the hot light was on at Krispy Kreme! Pure love. Jesus, family, friends, food, and a warm doughnut, my cup runneth over...Thank you Jesus.

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