Saturday, July 17, 2010


I spend far too much time thinking about tomorrow. The future, the place we cannot know... The place my control cannot arrange. The endless tomorrow thinking can steal my peace like a dog under a high chair. Peace in the now is hard enough, when you add worry of the future, well you just add unnecessary sin in your life.

I know the truth. I know future thinking is wrong. I know when I imagine our future, it's a place I see myself absent of the grace the Lord has provided for me. Worry alone is wrong, but worry over the unknown is just plain silly.

If my days are numbered and the hairs on my head counted....then today I'm going to choose to live in today. Today, I'll snuggle, wash clothes, clean house for my guys arrival, cook a vegetable of two for my kids, and count the chub rolls on my babies legs. Who needs to worry about tomorrow when today is so full?

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