Friday, July 9, 2010

Audience of One

When I'm at the pool the one thing I am sure to hear at least one hundred times is, "Mama, watch this." "Mama, are you watching?" "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, did you see that?" At moments I love it, and frankly sometimes I struggle. Trying to keep kids safe (constantly counting to 4), have a semi-adult conversation (with someone who has her own, "hey mom watch me" gang), truthfully, watching a jump from the side for the 100th time can at times be unnerving.

That is until I am quietly in my bed thinking about my day. Praying about my grumpy mom heart and thinking how, for this season in my life, my kids crave my attention. They long for my approval and unconditional love and presence and they beam under my approval. So in the quiet I repent my grumpy heart that isn't excited about jump 123. Then the lord allows me to see the great gift I have in the now being totally present for the first dive, first can opener, first everything.

In the mundane moments of my life, I always have a choice....Allow the Holy Spirit to reign in my heart and attitude or let Kara reign. Today, this day, I'm striving to be there for jump 213 that is going to look like a crane truck but really just looked like jump 212. And I will be a thankful proud mama of that jump. Thankful for my kids, my husband who champions me being home, my saviour who loves my children far better than I ever could.

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