Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bitter Sweet

I love the fourth of July. I always have. It's a time for too much sun and too little sleep. My childhood remembers long nights on the lake watching fireworks. The food, friends and fun always reminds me of time with family.

It's bitter sweet to me this year. I find myself walking a familiar path. This fourth will remind me of something I've lost and something I've gained. This time last year I was driving home from a visit to see my grandma. The trip ended at home in the yard with a friend watching fireworks.

This year I find myself in a different yard. My heart is saddened by this, but my family is strengthed this year in ways I never imagined. So thankful I enter this potato salad and sunscreen holiday....

hot sticky loveliness
endless play
night sky lights snuggled safely
sleep, don't come too soon

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