Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm not jealous

Okay, today when I was driving through some country to pick up my girl at camp, I was thinking.... What would make me jealous.

Your big house wouldn't
But your barn would
Your fancy car wouldn't
But your vintage truck would
Your fancy kitchen you don't use wouldn't
But your perfect garden spot would
Your expensive clothes wouldn't
But your ability to sew would

I strive to be content. I struggle striving in this area, but I know the One who creates in me peace. As I seek Him, I find true life changing peace. But I have desperate longing for a big ole yard.... And yesterday after reading the most beautiful adoption story...My heart is longing to be a forever family to a child (actually two children) who would otherwise not know one. When I mentioned this to Jason he was not surprised. I know it is in his heart too. He said someday the finances will come. Bless him. So my anxious heart that craves a yard, barn, baby, old truck...well, it's praying.

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