Saturday, February 27, 2010

Son Swords and Speech

I tell you having three little girls and one boy is a riot. Today Jason and I switched roles. I cleaned at the house we are getting ready to list and Jason kept the kids. When I called to check on my brood, Jason planned a daddy date with a friend. The kids had a ball and now they are currently zonked, totally out napping. Go DADDY!

Jason relayed a funny story of looking over at Lake only to find him pants down peeing in the yard. Did I say we recently finished potty training. I don't remember training him in this. Oh well, the kid is a crack up.

The other night Lake was refusing to sleep. He came into the room where we were sitting, sword in hand ready to take on the parent who said it was bed time. He was serious. How do you stay composed?

It just so happens that all of our children have some speech issues. I was in the chair working with my oldest in front of a large mirror showing her what my mouth looks like saying a particular sound... We laughed and had a good time. Each kid was so excited to have a turn. Lucky for us, everyone had their turn working on various sound problems. I've never watched myself speak so much.

Life with kids! Never a dull moment...

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