Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Life in Pajamas

I realize it's time to stop playing the tired card. So what I'm tired; so are a lot of people I know. I love that I have four kids. I love that my nights are filled with them sometimes as much as my days. I have kids I enjoy. I have a husband I love. My life is full. So full I have to buy lots of concealer to cover the dark rings under my eyes.

Jason is attempting to complete a CRAZY amount of school in an extremely short amount of time. I need to be on my super A game. I need to be the mom on the go that I don't like to be. I love that I live near the place my husband works (across the street). But his focus is so much greater when I'm not here. I'm so excited for Jason to be done.... Well, I'm heading out. I don't know where. But out I'll be.

I have this terrible excuse I make for myself. I "think" to myself... Self, you will get more cleaning done if you stay in your pajamas. Well, as much as I've been in those pajamas you'd think my house was spotless. Wrong answer. The other day I was getting dressed and one of the children said, "Mommy, why are you being so fancy?" Seriously, because I was getting dressed. What a wake up call.

So self.... A game. No stretchy pant. Get out of the house. Love. Love. Love. Crazy love your kids your husband and your saviour.

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marrie said...

As a mom of five I find my self in my pj's any chance that I can be...But now that my oldest two are 6 and 8 and in school, most days I have to get dressed! I find that I actually get more done with clothes on, who'd of thought?

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