Thursday, January 8, 2009

Week in food

Every week when I'm making my list I do an inventory of the food we already have. I make sure that I have a daddy meal if Jason needs to help me out cooking, and I also take into account nights we are going to be entertaining. This week we are having some friends and their children coming in from Illinois (Juli and Joel Adams). I can't wait, but I need to be ready.

Here is the week in food at my house. Starting from yesterday.

Oatmeal and fruit
Cereal and banana bread
Pancakes (Ella's speciality)
Oatmeal/dried fruit and banana bread
Cereal and toast
Banana bread and yogurt
Cheesy eggs and toast

Black bean tacos
Roast and potatoes
Pb&j and fruit

Church meal
Shrimp fried rice
hot dogs and mac and cheese (date night for us)
Tomato dill soup and grilled cheese
Hummus and homemade pita
Potato soup, ham and cheese rolls, salad and PB cookies (bunco night)

Fruit (oranges mostly)
Crackers and cheese spread

With all of my meals, I slice up available fruit, open my apple sauce that we canned, or add a vegetable. I don't list them because it wouldn't be accurate. I struggle with the main dishes, but the sides come easy for me. Maybe this will help you think through what you are cooking. It really does help get things going. I save so much on our budget by writing it out before I go to the grocery.

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Kathy Eller said...

It sounds like you are very organized and it was helpful to see how you do it....

have you seen the meal planning Mr. over at Orgjunkie?

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