Friday, January 9, 2009

Portrait of a Saint

Some faiths have the idea of a saint confused. As per scripture, a saint is someone who trusts in Christ for their salvation, follows Him in their days, and desires to be more like Jesus. It has nothing to do with perfection. Mostly, it's submission and an understanding of our own need for Christ in their daily lives.

So if you are asking, yes, I do consider myself a saint. Sounds prideful right? Not at all. It truly only comes from my own knowledge of what scripture says about those who believe in Christ. It has nothing to do with the "work" I do for church, others, or my family, it is only by the work of Christ on the cross that I can call myself such a word.

Trust me, it's not something I tell people often. But it's not something I'm embarrassed of either. He saved me, He accomplished it, He works in my heart, He has done every bit of the work. Nothing in me made me worthy, made me better; of myself, I'm dead in my sin. Only with Christ am I made alive to righteousness. That out of the way, portrait of my favorite living saint.......can you even begin to guess?

Not too difficult, it's Jason. The husband I never deserved, but by God's abundant grace was led to in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. The gifts I see in Jason are endless, but I want to focus on the things of Jason's faith that have deepened mine.

Jason has a gentleness that is rarely seen in men. To me, it makes him the strongest man I know. He doesn't need to raise his voice, use his muscle, or control to make his point. His soft heart has done much to change the hard places in my heart.

That leads me to his patience. He certainly can get ruffled and frustrated, but after being married to Jason for over ten years, I will tell you it is rare. Where I am often the one to point out flaws, character misjudgements, and mistakes; Jason is patient to let the Holy Spirit be the one to do the changing in the hearts of those around him.

Many come to Jason with their burdens because they know he will tell them the truth tempered with a lot of love and truth of scripture. He has been called into some very difficult situations, and the grace the Lord has given him has humbled me immensely. He takes his studies seriously because he knows they will be used to the benefit of others he comes in contact with in his ministry. Not for the pride of being smart, but for the deepening of his own faith to encourage others he comes in contact with daily.

I'm not trying to say my husband is perfect, but he listens and is willing to be changed by the Lord. He knew from a young age that he would spend his life in service to the Lord. He fought that call at different moments of his life, but he never would forsake the Lord. I have seen hearts changed and deepened by knowing Jason. I see it everyday in my own home. I love the father my children are blessed with to show them the unconditional love of Christ. I don't think I will ever come to the end of what the Lord has to teach me through the life of my husband.

Many nights Jason and I end our day in bed reading our books side by side. If I turn out the lights before him I often tell him I love him. Then I go on to tell him how much I really like him. He is my very best friend and I really like the man that he is. I like his humor, I like his intelligence, I like how he treats those around him, I like his kind heart, and I love Jesus who thought to make a man like him.
Thank you Jesus for seeing fit to put us together. How could I ever have turned the head of such a hunky, kind-hearted, godly man? May I ever be grateful! Does he sound too good to be true? That's what I think all the time! How did such a wretch like me get the attention of such a beautiful wretch like him?


Anonymous said...

This is beautifully said! You are both so blessed to have one another!!

Mother of Many said...

Thank you my friend. Glad to see you commenting. I love you!

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