Friday, August 5, 2011

Life in film

It always happens.. Once I decide to really get going on my blog, life hits me hard, crazy, fast, and my blog takes a backseat. I'm considering switching platforms and getting some help with my sight and getting a domain, and all at once things take off at a speed I can hardly manage. Sleep has been elusive lately. I am not wasting my mind in worry, but my mind simply won't shut off when I hit the pillow. It's an exciting time in our life. I can't wait to see what the Lord has for us. In the meantime, here is our life in photo! It's a hard job I have, somebody has to LOVE it, and I sure do love it!

It was a great couple of weeks playing at our favorite Montreat park, swimming, visits from grandparents... It has been one full summer!

My sweet girls enjoying one of our favorite places on earth!

Special big girl lunch at the Veranda with Bella.

Amazing treat movie with Jerry, Darnell, and Erika... First movie for Story. Big, big time!!

Is there anything more photo worthy than a sweet sleeping babes?

Day at Montreat park!! Our Fav!!

More pool love! It's where the best of childhood happens!

life rearranged

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