Saturday, August 28, 2010

I love them dirty!

It's a great day when I have to clean off faces of my littles more than once. Today Jason and I sat outside drinking coffee as we chatted and watched the kids create games with Tonka trucks. Often, they are wheelchairs where they care for one another. Sometimes they are actually used as dump truck, but that's rare. Today it acted as a summertime sled on the hill, trailer, wheelchair, and well... source of joy.

I love the imagination of a child. I love seeing the community that my children have created with one another. It's full of love, conflict, frustration, forgiveness, anger, manipulation, conversation and lots and lots of giggles. Sounds like real life. It reminds me I need to giggle and forgive more and conflict less.

I hope your weekend was filled with dirty faces, cooperation and play!

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