Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Gift

Tonight we took the kids on a walk after dinner. It was a lovely night, and it was so nice to be outside. I decided to walk ahead a little for some quiet. Jason was with the kids throwing rocks in the creek. The quiet was beautiful and I was enjoying time in prayer. I was praying for the future of our family and that my heart would be content as we wait on the Lord for answers about our future.

Then I heard the quick patter of footsteps. Out of breath, my oldest daughter came running. She quietly came beside me and held onto my hand. She is the age where she could easily choose to not be so closely connected to me. But the sweet gift of her hand made my heart smile. She will grow up, but I hope we always will hold hands. I love you sweet daughter.

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Anonymous said...

This is so heart-warming and lovely. Truly shows Ella's quiet, giving spirit. God has a neat plan for that sweetheart!! I love you, Friend!

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