Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The hard truth of trust

I follow a good and trustworthy God. I daily face my own unbelief and weakness. I am about to enter a new season of life that will bring me face to face with my depravity. I am leaving what is known and comfortable and entering into the unknown. My exciting new and hard reality is one of faith and trust. I do not do this alone; I will be moving to Colorado Springs with my best friend and my four covenant children. Team Tippetts is about to enter a new season of life.

The next few days I'm heading to Colorado Springs with a most dear sister in Christ. We will get to have a weekend as a great final hoorah together. It will be sweet as we know the goodbye soon looms for us. The joy in goodbye among believers is that it will truly never be goodbye. Our daily activity in one anothers life will change, but our friendship will not. I have so many dear sisters here that have been such a blessing to my life. It is not going to be easy to leave such an amazing group of dear friends.

It is going to be very hard to leave this place. I have walked a hard road with trusted friends around me. My love has only grown through this past year. I rejoice that goodbye will be difficult as it is an indication of fondness and connection to Christ in a community. They are not bitter tears that I know I will be shedding, but rather, tears of love and gratitude in getting to know such excellent and amazing people through this season of my life.

As our family enters this exciting new season, I leave this place stronger from what I have learned here, richer than I could ever imagine in friendship, and greatful for the experiences in joy and pain I have had in my community. We have shared so many experiences in North Carolina we take with us. We came from the Rockies to North Carolina nine years ago young, naive, weak and ready to see what God had in store for us. We leave nine years later with more kids, more friends, more of Christ, naive, weak and ready to see what God has in store for us. We look to the future trusting Him to provide community for us in Rockies just as He has done for us in the Blue Ridge.

The hard truth of trusting God is that He is good all the time. Even in the pain of change. He is good in the providence that moves me 1,400 miles from what is known. He is good in the lonliness of entering a new place. He is good as He builds the community He desires for us in Colorado Springs. He is good, and trusting Him is my joy. Truly the hard truth is not hard at all. It is my thankful, wonderful, joyful privledge to follow Him as He has great things in store for this weak vessel that is Kara. I get to look forward with faith and backwards with gratitude.

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